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                                             ON A PERSONAL NOTE

                        "We meet ourselves time and time again
                      in a thousand disguises, on the paths of life"
                                                                                          Carl Jung

                                                                                    Author Unknown

I personally believe that anything is possible with energy work but no promises of success can be given other than that the person will benefit in some way from the energy work experience.

It is important to remember that energy work is governed by natural law and our own lives are governed by the law of cause and effect. It follows that there is room in some people's lives for pain and suffering, as it may be a source of growth and learning.

For this reason the energy practitioner cannot guarantee any cure, however, the loving energy will bring about some benefit to the sufferer, it is never wasted.

We have five health's Physical, Sexual, Mental, Emotional and Spiritual. We also have both divine masculine and feminine energies flowing through our being. We are only truly in good health when all five health's and both energies are balanced. Regretfully for many of us in today's world this is increasingly a rare state of being.

                                   "My religion is kindness"                
                                                                      The Dalai Lama,

I have spent many years of my life releasing negativity, raising my vibration to allow higher energies to be transmitted through my being.

My motive is one of love and compassion for others and of being able to both channel that loving energy to the best of my ability and help connect people to the loving field of energy that permeates everything in creation, more profoundly as best I can, so as to help those who are suffering.

                                      "We don't see things as they are, 
                                    We see them as we are"
                                                                               Anais Nin

Every single person on this earth plane is a spirit just like you or I, it does not matter what colour, nationality, sexual orientation, religion e.t.c, we follow while we are here.

When we return home, we are all spirit and the performance, which is our current life here and now, would have been an act, a set of experiences we needed to have this time around to grow, learn, understand, heal ourselves, others and hopefully to even experience self-realisation and freedom from ego.

Energy work releases negative energies, emotions and pain, used together with counselling techniques to discuss the issues brought up, it can be a very useful tool to bring relief to those who are suffering.

Combining psychotherapy knowledge within the counselling to gain an insight into what has caused the issue in the first place, also adds to the success of the therapy being offered.

                                      "Everyone has beauty 
                                    But not everyone sees it"

Finally, everyone is on their own unique individual path through life. This brings a multitude of experiences to each of us, some stressful, some sad, some devastating, some of great joy. What each experience is guaranteed to bring is a new lesson, if we are receptive to the teaching.

Nobody wants unpleasant things to happen to them or to experience emotional or physical pain but it is through these painful times we usually grow the most. As personal growth is one of our main reasons for coming here, it is in accepting the lesson, not resisting it that ultimately leads to inner peace.

Sometimes someone can hurt us badly, cause us to feel anger, betrayal, fear or any other negative feeling or emotion and we might not be able to understand why this has happened or why the person or people involved have decided to hurt us in that way.

You might be an innocent bystander in the situation, whatever the difficulty know that ultimately only good will come of it. Those who persecute or cause pain to others have to understand that what they put out into the Universe comes back to them so that they learn and grow from their mistakes.

Those being persecuted grow in many ways, for example they can become stronger, more compassionate, understanding and perhaps the experience will shape their life and take them in a new and more positive direction.

I can help those who find themselves in such a situation, I help people find the positive in what they consider to be a negative experience. There is always a blessing hidden within the difficulty and I can help the sufferer discover it when perhaps they are not in the frame of mind to see it for themselves.

The possibilities for change are endless and sometimes we all need a difficult experience to put us on a new path, to help us deal with old issues and problems or even let go of people in our lives that have been a negative influence.

As the old saying goes, "our worst enemy is actually our best friend as we learn so much from them". If we can forgive any transgressions against us we can move on to a more healthier happier life and free ourselves from the negativity of others.

If I can be of service in helping you while you find yourself in one of these such periods in your life, I will do what I can to assist you to the best of my ability, why not visit me at my therapy centre. 

            "God grant me the serenity to accept the things i cannot change......
                                Courage to change the things i can 
                             and the wisdom to know the difference"

                                                                       Author Unknown 12th October 2008

                    "You must be the change you wish to see in the world"
                                                            Mahatma Ghandhi (1869-1948)

"Please take the time to watch the moving, educational and inspirational video clips available at the bottom of most of the web site pages.  

                 "No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted".

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