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                           "Gentle Holistic Counselling & Energy Work
                                   to Ease Emotional & Physical Pain,
                            Restoring Balance to Mind, body and Spirit"

                                      I can assist you with:

Bereavement, Grief, loss, pet bereavement issues,

Depression (postnatal, Sad, etc), Feeling Low, Self-Harming, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (M.E) / Bipolar Disorder),

Anxiety, Panic Attack, Stress, Phobias, I.B.S, Childhood Issues & Fears, Post Traumatic Stress (P.T.S.D), Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (O.C.D),

Addiction (Alcoholism, Drug, Gambling, Internet etc),

Life Changes, (loss of job, illness etc) Trauma (accidents, diagnosis of illness such as cancer, receiving bad news, witnessing an unpleasant experience etc),

Anger, Abuse (sexual, emotional, domestic), Bullying & Harassment, Work Related Stress,

Relationship Problems / Couples Counselling, (Sexual Issues, affairs, betrayals, separation, divorce, incompatibility, Financial Difficulties, Pre-Nuptial arguments etc),

Family Counselling, Young People's Counselling, (issues with parents, in school etc)

Sleep Changes, Low Self-Esteem & Confidence Issues, low libido - loss of desire,

Fertility Problems (infertility, unable to conceive etc),

Eating Disorders (Anorexia Nervosa, Bulimia Nervosa, Binge Eating Disorder), weight issues,

Spiritual Issues, Spiritual Enhancement, understanding and experiencing real unconditional love and more -

This way I help people can be used to transform your life rapidly and bring new opportunities and experiences to you effortlessly. This makes my way of working ideal for getting yourself out of a rut and bringing in positive change if you feel stuck in situations that do not fulfill you anymore.

Business Problems, this therapy is also particularly helpful to those in business who find their businesses struggling for any reason perhaps through personal issues having a negative impact on their business or employment.

Negative situations can be turned into positive ones quite quickly and thus transform the success of the person and their business bringing relief and freedom from the stress and worry connected to these problems.

Through his person centred techniques and in particular, Timothy's energy work, he is able to transform lives quickly bringing about a positive mindset change to business and personal situations.This is something that straight forward counselling cannot do.

Mindfulness is being able to experience being in the NOW moment and Timothy is able to facilitate this through his energy abilities so that the person can come out of their personal drama what ever that may be and experience the peace of the NOW moment.

Some of the sign's/symptom's to watch out for affecting someone who can benefit from my help.

Stress, shock, emotional, disorganised, denial, depressed, anxious, angry, aggressive, feeling low, difficulty sleeping, loss of interest in life, appetite or sex.
On anti-depressants or taking other drugs such as excessive pain killers, recreational drugs or excessive alcohol intake.
Seasonal affective disorder, irritability, poor concentration, inability to relax or unwind,
self-destructive behaviour, negative attitude, self-harming, poor coping mechanisms, tiredness, cravings for food, nail biting, twitches, excessive sweating, fear of the future, stuck in the past, not liking themselves, low confidence or self-esteem, inability to show true feelings.
Unable to be successful, poor cash flow, repetitive problems or issues in relationships, work, life, that will not go away or improve.
Physical illness or disease, pain or discomfort, headaches, joint pains, constipation, diarrhoea, I.B.S, muscle cramps or spasms, indigestion, heartburn, high blood pressure and so on.

Many other problems / Issues can also be helped please contact me for further information.

Remote / Distant energy sessions via Skype are available for those who are living too far away to have one to one sessions at the therapy centre, these sessions work just as well and first contact can be via e mail or by phone to discuss details.

                                       I can also provide help with Spiritual Guidance,
                                       Motivation, Empowerment & Realisation of Self


TELEPHONE: 07974 709164 

I am available between the hours of 9am and 6pm Monday-Saturday to discuss an appointment. Please leave a message on my mobile number if I am unavailable, as I may be with a client and I will return your call as soon as i am free.

I provide a free 15 minute consultation by telephone or via email for someone interested in making an appointment.

        Matrix Energetics
        Associated Member


    A Certified Matrix Energetics Master Practitioner  


This certifies that Timothy Pope is registered with 
Counselling Ltd, as a counsellor. It is a condition of his registration that he will comply with the Counselling Code of Conduct and that his Counselling qualifications will be publicly displayed on the Counselling Register. 

                    New Pathways of Light
                         Associated Member

                        A Certified Healer & Counsellor 


     Healer Practitioner Association
     Associated Member

Certified Healer & Counsellor

                               Brooklands Training Body
                               Associated Member

                                           A Certified Humanistic & Person Centred Counsellor

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All communication between the client and therapist is in complete confidence,nothing will be discussed or disclosed to a third party without the written permission of the client before hand.

Any documents are kept in a locked filing cabinet in a secure room, no personal data will be kept on computer, Timothy is a member of four regulatory bodies who have confidentiality high on their list of priorities.

   Therapy Room

My Therapy room has a welcoming feel about it, as does the clinic as a whole. 

The Therapy bed is comfortable and a good place to relax listening to gentle music, while the Energy session takes place.

My Therapy room is bright and spacious with comfortable chairs and it has a pleasant feel to it.

An Energy session usually lasts
45 minutes, administered at the end of the 30 minute Counselling period.

The room is private, quiet and comfortable, an ideal setting for talking about your problems in a safe peaceful, caring environment.

Situated at the rear of the building it is a sunny room with little noise from outside to cause any distraction.


                           "Many of our fears are tissue paper thin
                                   and a single courageous step
                              would carry us clear through them"
                                                                                            Brendan Francis
"Please take the time to watch the moving, educational and inspirational video clips available at the bottom of most of the web site pages.

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