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                                    ABOUT TIMOTHY POPE AND SERVICES OFFERED

       "Live according to your highest Light and more Light will be given"

                                                                                                      Peace Pilgrim

                                      Clear your mind ....... free your soul

Timothy Pope is an experienced Humanistic and Person Centred Counsellor, he is also a qualified Master Energy Healer and Matrix Energetics Master Energy Practitioner who has worked with individuals in multiple ways since the mid 1990's. Timothy is also a teacher / trainer and runs regular workshop courses to give potential therapists and exisiting therapists an opportunity to gain qualifications and enhance their skills.

He has delivered well in excess of 10,000 personal one to one counselling and energy therapy sessions to private clients at alternative therapy clinics over a 20 year period and also as a volunteer therapist donating free time to cancer groups as part of his charitable work.

Timothy is also involved in counselling and high vibrational absent / remote energy therapy (more information further down this page). This involves connecting with clients, providing guidance, support and with facilitating help for them energetically, this additional service being available to clients anywhere in the world linking with them at a pre-arranged time usually via Skype.

                                          " START BY DOING WHAT IS NECESSARY, 
                                                                                                         St FRANCIS of ASSISI

Timothy developed an interest in counselling and psychotherapy, when receiving help himself through bereavement counselling, after suffering loss of loved ones in the late 1980's.

His ability to heal others was rediscovered and a rapid spiritual growth process started with an enlightening shift in consciousness occurring. He had many spiritual experiences, acquired knowledge about spiritual matters and answers to his many questions. 

It seemed a natural progression for Timothy to later put his experiences to good use, helping others going through trauma. He knew that as painful as those experiences had been for him, they had served as a catalyst for this work that was to follow later in his life.

Timothy wanted to show others who were suffering deeply, that there is light at the end of the tunnel and a reason to go on, no matter how bleak life can sometimes seem when we are going through life's traumatic periods.   

                                                         " I am only one, but I am one.
                                         I cannot do everything, but I can do something,
                                           And I will not let what I cannot presently do, 
                                                   interfere with that which I can do".

                                                                                        Edward Everett Hale

He combines a developed ability as a counsellor, emotional intuitive, empathic energy practitioner and spiritual teacher to facilitate healing, growth, empowerment and a raising of consciousness, through his therapy work.

Timothy works with people from all walks of life and also has close working relationships with many therapists including counsellors, alternative therapists, mediums and intuitives. He believes that we are all masters of energy and in his work he seeks to remind his clients of their purpose in life, to achieve their mastery, as he has striven to achieve his own.

During a therapy session Timothy taps into the energies present and articulates what he feels and senses to help the client realise more about who they are, helping them to understand their problem and see a much bigger picture than the emotional mind drama being experienced.

He uses his intuitive counselling abilities and his experience of energies, to help the person release any blockages within their energy field and uncover more of themselves and their potential, thus eventually bringing freedom for the individual from the issues causing them pain and discomfort.

Timothy's understanding of human dynamics and emotions, coupled with his counselling skills and knowledge of the world of energy, makes him a gentle yet powerful catalyst to facilitate rapid positive change and growth.

Qualifications and Experience

Timothy studied at Brooklands clinic for many years, during which time he gained certificates in counselling & psychotherapy, grief & bereavement counselling, humanistic psychotherapy, psycho-spiritual psychotherapy, person centred counselling and in-depth bereavement counselling.

With a desire to use his abilities to help others, he originally trained with The Healer Practitioner Association International or ( H.P.A.I ) and then The New Pathways of Light organisations.

He has remained a member of both bodies and holds certificates as a qualified counsellor & healer with both of them, appearing on their register of therapists for the West Glamorgan areas.

For a number of years Timothy worked as a volunteer counsellor & healer at Brooklands clinic and also as a volunteer therapist with The Swansea & Gower Cancer Self Help Group, as well as being an active committee member.

Timothy is also a member of the C.C.C. a regulatory body for counsellors & psychotherapists, appearing on their register of therapists.

Before working for 11 years from Wholly Well in Gorseinon, Swansea, Timothy had maintained a successful mobile counselling & energy healing service in the Swansea area, providing a valuable service for those unfortunate people who were unable to visit a clinic.

He presently provides his services from his clinic at Walter Road Swansea and he continues to work with local health centres and receives referrals from doctors following successes with their patients suffering with emotional issues such as bereavement, depression and anxiety problems. He is registered as an independent provider with Health Solutions Wales.

Timothy has also undergone training in working with cancer patients and the terminally ill at the Bristol Cancer Help Centre. This is a health centre with 25 years experience in cancer care, supported by HRH Prince of Wales as its patron.

Cancer patients can receive nutritional advice, complementary therapies etc and therapists can receive education and training to help treat Cancer sufferers.
(See additional help page).

     Choose a job you love and you will never have to work a day in your life.
  Confucius 551 BC - 479 BC
                                                                     Chinese Philosopher

Reconnective Healing

In 2006 Timothy received his reconnection, a process that connects our own energy centres (chakras) and meridians (energy pathways) within our physical bodies, to the invisible energy pathways or ley Lines, around our planet and from there out into the entire universe, thus enabling him to use much higher vibrational frequencies for energy work that had only just been made available to our planet at that time and allowing him to continually channel the new higher vibrational energies for healing as they became available.  
(See additional help page)

"How blessed we are to be living now, to be born into this generation, the first generation to be a part of grounding, through Reconnective Healing®, universal energy healthcare onto our planet. The Reconnective Healing spectrum of frequencies is an intelligence, not a belief. It embodies the laws and principles of the universe and unlike technique, which chooses for you the exacting steps and procedures to follow, Reconnective Healing allows you to be in consciousness and allows you to dance freely in the experience of the infinite field where all possibilities exist. Reconnective Healing is your opportunity to learn, to become and to play the universal healing instrument that you are. - Dr. Eric Pearl

Matrix Energetics

Timothy has studied "MATRIX ENERGETICS" with Richard Bartlett and Melissa Joy in London and following that completed an extensive practitioners course in Luzern Switzerland and later advanced training in Germany.
He attends further advanced training sessions each year in Europe to enhance his high standards of service and to maintain his practitioner certification.
At this moment in time he is one of only five certified Matrix Energetics Practitioners in the UK, with only two being in Wales.

Matrix Energetics is a Scientific (quantum physics) approach to improving health and vitality.

This way of helping a person includes holding an awareness of the new feeling state / intent and then letting go, thus allowing for the collapse of the old pattern of energy into infinite possibility within the person's energy field.

What then can reconfigure in time / space is the weighted probability of the new desired outcome, it is very effective and can be instant.

                        "The notion of treating people like possibilities
                         rather than fixed structures is a healthy one, I think"

                                                                                            Nick Herbert

                                                    SERVICES OFFERED

The Therapy Session

"I love my work, especially the privilege of helping people transform.
As an emotional intuitive and empathic energy practitioner, I connect with your energy to access information to help you overcome your perceived limitations, states of being, emotions or issues that hinder your peace and joy. 

During the energy work when connecting with your energy, I connect with the energy matrix that includes conscious information and knowledge thus providing you with new tools to support you in making life changes that further you on your path of evolution.  

With a new perspective, you can make conscious choices that will align you with your highest good. Sessions are heart-felt. You may experience emotional release, tears, laughter, joy or energy pulsations - all perfectly orchestrated for your personal growth, most clients are smiling when they leave. 

I may bring through information and guidance that will give you clarity in the NOW moment and a clearer vision for your future. I look forward to reflecting you back to yourself and of being of service to you in your time of need"

Extended Consultation Session up-to 2 hours - cost £75.00

The consultation session is an opportunity for me to analyse the persons situation, work out the best way forward for them and give any relevant information that will help them feel better and improve their understanding of their problems, as well as possibly educating them of the possible spiritual reasons for their experiences.
The appointment includes a generalised energy session after the conversation to start your healing process which usually leaves you feeling totally relaxed and feeling a lot lighter having let go of much negativity.
A follow up session is arranged to continue with specific targetted energy work thought necessary to bring you to the healthier state you desire.

60 - Minute Individual Sessions - cost £50.00

Following the first extended consultation session which is slightly more expensive a second appointment will be made usually within the next 2 to 3 weeks or earlier at the clients request. These sessions will empower and assist you on your chosen journey of self discovery.

I will be pleased to work with you on any area of your life where new insight and clarity is desired. Nothing is off-limits and all questions are important, so any aspect of life you wish to explore can be addressed. 

I am not a psychic or medium but I can help an individual by using my personal knowledge, experience, intuitive skills and empathic abilities, this brings guidance, relaxation and peace of mind to the client along with solving of the issues causing the problems.

At the start of your session I will listen to you and explain to you what I sense and feel from your energy and life circumstances and I will hopefully give you a different perception of your current difficult or painful experience so as to help you overcome the issue and find inner peace. 

The remainder of the appointment is reserved for energy work which is followed by a brief period for specific questions you may wish to ask about your experience during the session. 

The number of sessions a person requires depends on how complex the problem is but usually three energy sessions after the initial consultation appointment will bring a remarkable life long positive change for an individual. 

The client may experience one or more of the following experiences during the energy work:

Dropping into their heart with deep relaxation, feelings of peace, bliss & joy, quietness with no mind chatter (escaping from the left brain stress/drama), the physical body swaying, making a circular, figure 8 movement or rocking gently  (new frequencies being experienced and a recalibration of the energy field taking place), eye lids flickering (new information being consciously received), warm energy (Love), cold sensations (release of negativity), tingling, the sensation of energy flowing through the body, seeing energy colours (clearing, balancing & rebooting of the energy centres), seeing symbols (right brain creative mind), energy movement such as tugging, pulsations or waves around their body, pressure or a pushing sensation around an energy centre (the clients temporary resistance to the higher vibrations) or sometimes absolutely nothing at all. (The results are the same whether the person is sensitive and aware of any of the above sensations or not).

The energy session is a very relaxing and enjoyable experience leaving the client feeling lighter, relaxed and with a peaceful mind. It is possible for the issue concerned to disappear during the energy session but no guarantees can be given.

Where problems are life long patterns or the where the circumstances surrounding the problem are ongoing then the discomfort might be revisited a number of times before freedom from the discomfort is received but each session can reduce the level of discomfort considerably helping the person to cope better and eventually free themselves of the difficulties involved.

Sometimes it might be part of an individual's chosen life journey for a certain problem to continue for a period of time, for included within it may be its lesson for spiritual growth. However, an easing of the condition will occur after therapy making any continuation easier to cope with and to understand.

A persons lack of understanding of themselves and ignorance of information or knowledge surrounding their discomfort creates fear. I help the person to understand themselves and others, to find compassion and forgiveness for everyone involved in the difficult situation being experienced.

Couple Sessions / Relationship Counselling / Family Counselling
up-to two hours - cost £75.00, 1 hour sessions children under 16 - cost £40.00

I have worked with many couples and their children over the years; I cover different aspects of the relationships and help the clients and their families to understand the energy dynamic of what is occurring between them.

The first session is to unravel the complexities of the problems being experienced. This gives me insight into a positive way forward for each of them.

Often this may involve further separate individual sessions for each party to deal with their own issues, as in most cases a crisis in a relationship is caused by one or possibly both individuals bringing their own personal unresolved issues from previous life experiences into their current relationship.

When this has not been recognised it is possible for their partner to be on the receiving end of whatever negativity is involved. I always endeavour to bring understanding, peace and a resolution of the experienced problems to both parties. 

If a child under the age of 16 requires help then one accompanying adult will be required to remain during the therapy session and a consent form must be signed by the child's parent / guardian before therapy commences.

Sessions for Therapists

I also provide sessions for individuals who are therapists themselves, spiritual enhancement / attunement is a variation on the above sessions mentioned, in that the content is focused on spiritual advancement with a potential increase in the client's abilities whatever they may be. 

I have assisted many therapists to enhance abilities in their chosen field and enjoy being of service to such individuals promoting greater achievements and successes and more enjoyable experiences for them whilst helping others.

Remote / Distant / Absent Energy Work Sessions - cost £50.00
Remote Skype sessions of 90 minutes or 2 hours - cost £75.00 or £100.00

Remote energy work sessions are ways of working energetically with someone to help them, without them being physically present. This can be provided via Skype to include counselling as mentioned above or without counselling and Skype as described bellow.

This form of energy work is also referred to as Absent Healing or Distant Healing in other healing disciplines but what I offer in addition to the Spiritual Healing, Reiki and Reconnective Healing energies involved is Matrix Energetics which when all used together provides energetically a unique powerful catalyst for healing and positive change. 

Some people find it difficult to talk about their problems, perhaps they live too far away from where I am based to see me in person or are incapacitated in some way. They might feel uncomfortable about receiving help through Skype or not even have access to a computer.

I provide an easy to use service to provide help to those who find themselves in these situations so that they do not lose out on the wonderful assistance available through my energy work.

Contact is made with me through my email address or by ringing me on my mobile number +447974709164 to arrange a suitable day and time for the session to take place. There may be a period of a few weeks to wait due to my commitments with other clients so if you want help quickly please contact me as soon as possible if you would like to book a session.

A photograph, name and approximate geographical position where the person will be at the time of the energy session is to take place will be required. A description of the problem the person requires help with is helpful but not essential should the condition not be known or if the person is not wanting to discuss the matter.

The service is available to anywhere in the world as there is no limitation through distance, the benefits are the same if a person is 100 miles or 3000 miles away from me. The usual universal healing laws apply with regards to the persons higher wisdom being in control of the events, therefore no guarantees can be given only that the energy work will be benefitial and what the person receives at that moment is for their highest good.

Due to no talking therapy and therefore less time being involved I can offer this service at a reduced cost to my other services. A session costs £50.00 and the fee is paid into my business bank account prior to the session taking place.

If you require any further information regarding Remote / Distant / Absent energy sessions please contact me. Due to heavy workload sometimes Skype sessions are unavailable and in this case the less expensive remote sessions are offered rather than the person being left without help.


"I have to say it was quite an amazing treatment last night. I did feel lots of movement first in my stomach area, then my heart, then on the spine and back in between my shoulder blades. My feet were as if pulled down at times and I easily felt energy raving around. At about 8pm I felt that I should sleep, I turned onto my side and fell asleep. I stayed there untill 11pm when my boyfriend came home. I was then wide awake and i couldn't sleep for quite a while, I was energised. Really profound! Seems I'm having some detoxing today so I guess it moved some things around. It would be great to have another session perhaps in couple of weeks time."


30 Minute Top Up - cost £25.00

The 30 minute top up session is intended to help existing clients who have found themselves out of alignment and is not to replace a full therapy session.

Sometimes in the period between sessions a person can experience something like a crisis usually caused by someone else that can take them out of the peaceful and balanced way of being that they have found through the therapy work.

As Timothy is usually quite busy he sometimes is unable to offer a full therapy session so he has created the 30 minute top up to allow an existing client to pop in at an agreed time for a realignment to put them back into the peaceful and balanced state they were in prior to the crisis.

As such a session is squeezed in between or after normal appointments there is a strict 30 minute rule and the 30 minutes is used for energy work rather than talking.

Timothy will use this brief period to balance, centre and recalibrate the persons energy field to help them feel better until their next therapy session when the issues can be discussed in greater detail and dealt with properly. The next therapy session (depending on availability) can be brought forward if necessary to help the person overcome what they have experienced as quickly as possible.

There is a smaller charge of £25.00 for this service which is only available if it is possible for Timothy to allocate the time around his other commitments for that day.

Timothy does not want any of his clients to suffer between therapy sessions and he tries to be as flexible as possible with appointments to assist his clients if need be.

Please give as much notice as possible if requiring this extra emergency help between sessions so as not to be disappointed.

                                    "Kindness is a language we all understand
                               Even the blind can see it and the deaf can hear it"

                                                                                            Mother Teresa 


Once upon a time there was a wise man who used to go to the ocean to do his writing. He had a habit of walking on the beach before he began his work.

One day he was walking along the shore and as he looked down the beach he saw a human figure moving like a dancer. He smiled to himself to think of someone who would dance to the day.

So he began to walk faster to catch up and as he got closer he saw that it was a young man and the young man wasn't dancing but instead he was reaching down to the shore, picking up something and very gently throwing it into the ocean.

As he got closer still, he called out, "Good morning, what are you doing" ?
The young man paused, looked up and replied, "Throwing starfish into the ocean".

"I suppose i should have asked, why are you throwing starfish into the ocean ? the wise man said. "The sun is up and the tide is going out and if i don't throw them back in, they will die".

"But young man, don't you realise that there are miles and miles of beach and thousands of starfish all along it, You can't possibly make a difference" !

The young man listened politely, then bent down, picked up another starfish and threw it gently into the sea, past the breaking waves and said
" I made a difference for that one".

                                                              Author Unknown 12th October 2008

                                                                            Sent to me by Christine Phillips 
                                                   for my helping to make a difference in her life.

                                                                                       Thank you Christine

                                  "Friends are angels who lift us to our feet 
                       when our wings have trouble remembering how to fly"
                                                          Author Unknown 12th October 2008

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