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                                  MATRIX ENERGETICS                                                                       

"Never before has the possibility for perfect health on all levels been more
available to us, we just have to allow it in.     
The healing energy of unconditional love is all around us, it is the "field of energy" the "energy matrix" that is available for everyone and which permeates everything in creation.

By opening our hearts to allow unconditional Love to recalibrate our Being there will be no need for negativity, limitation, lack or ill health".

                                                                                                            Timothy Pope


There is a web of energy that connects everything in our lives, our world - in all of creation; it has been named the "Divine Matrix" or "Field".

Ground breaking experiments have revealed dramatic evidence of the connection between all that exists.

In all areas of our lives this new scientific evidence demonstrates that we hold the power to communicate directly to the Source/God energy that links all of creation.

For more information: 

( and books by Lynne Mctaggart "The Field" & "The Bond") 

Introduction to Matrix Energetics

For me personally I can truthfully say that Matrix Energetics has changed my life for the better, the affects from my first enhanced connection to the Matrix Field were instant and profound. My meditation techniques that I had performed daily for 15 years or more changed immediately and the connection to the field was felt tangibly with my body responding to the wave like energy flowing through my being.

Matrix Energetics is different for each person as we are all unique and as a qualified practitioner in Matrix Energetics all my experience and abilities that have built up over many years of personal growth and helping others has been pulled together and enhanced by the higher vibrational connection to the Matrix Field. For this reason each Matrix Energetics Practitioner will provide a different experience of service according to their personal unique way of being.

The energy of Love permeates everything in creation "All That Exists" is made of energy and all of creation is based on vibration, frequency and resonance. Science refers to this loving energy as Zero Point Energy or "The Field" or "The Matrix".

What is in affect happening is that once a person decides to allow themselves to connect more profoundly to "The Field" they experience the energy of "Grace" at the frequency with which they are able to cope with at that point in time.

The unconditional love of Source has the potential to help the individual to return to a more balanced, grounded and loving way of Being, this promotes perfect health, vitality and a more enjoyable life.

It is not always easy to overcome ones problems if it were we would all do so without seeking help outside of ourselves. Matrix Energetics works on the cause of the problem being experienced not the symptom so the possibility for transformation is real.

As a practitioner I give support throughout the transformation process to guide the individual while change takes place in their Being and in their lives.  It is always the individual's higher wisdom that brings in the transformation not the practitioner, who is merely the facilitator of the connection to the Matrix Field.

Matrix Energetics is a complete system of transformation to help people improve their health and overcome their problems in a more rapid, gentle and direct way than by using other forms of energy work or healing therapies. Matrix Energetics can be used in any number of ways and can work on animals, plants and inanimate objects as well and in fact on anything in creation as there are no limits to our experiences only our own limited imagination.

Richard Bartlett & Melissa Joy have found a more profound way of connecting to the field of consciousness which is "The Matrix" and have created techniques and trained practitioners in those techniques to help recipients in a number of ways.

Richard and Melissa have called this way of working Matrix Energetics and they encourage practitioners and recipients to talk about and express their own understanding and experiences of Matrix Energetics as i have done here.

A detailed scientific and professional understanding explained by Richard and Melissa can be accessed on their web-site link at the bottom of this page along with information about seminars and workshops etc.

                      We are all capable of becoming much more
           than we may have previously believed or thought possible.
                          We already have what we desire within us.
      When we begin to know and understand what we wish to become
             - that which we already are, then we open ourselves to
       an unfolding of reality where what is possible becomes probable
                             and what is probable becomes actual.

                                                                                        Melissa Joy Jonsson

What is Matrix Energetics?

Matrix Energetics is based on laws of subtle energy physics, consciousness and focused intent. Rapid observable changes with no waiting can be experienced.  Matrix Energetics encompasses a new state of mind, a fresh way of experiencing the world we live in providing us with a more advanced understanding of how life really is and freeing the individual of limitations created in their left logical scientific and ego driven brain based on their life story with its negativity, pain and suffering.

Connecting to the Matrix Field allows a consciousness shift with the body responding instantly and recipients usually feeling the wave of loving energy flowing through them. They might experience release of pain, feel lighter, have a more positive feeling of freedom and possibility with profound peace and relaxation as the wave like motion is felt and the body seems to drop into a completely relaxed wave instantly.

This way of working allows a profound energy shift for the receiver as they experience a more direct and powerful connection to the Matrix Field and there are no limitations as the recipients higher wisdom or higher self which knows the person intimately is able to release, improve, upgrade, dissolve and transform the issues that the person has been struggling with.

An intent is set by the person desiring the help and the Matrix Energetics Practitioner using the techniques available and the observer effect (which means seeing the problem as already transformed), allows the possibility of change within the person to the new way of being.

It is possible for life long problems to be dealt with in one session although it depends on the individual and their higher self's guidance as to the changes that take place. As with healing therapies it is what is for the recipients highest good that will affect the outcome and this is always governed by the person's own higher wisdom.

Some illnesses or problems are being experienced by the person for spiritual growth and they will not be released until the lesson whatever that may be has been learnt, however Matrix Energetics can provide a more rapid way of processing the issues to enable the individual to move forward with greater ease and overcome whatever difficulties are being experienced more quickly.

The new states of awareness experienced through Matrix Energetics allows a more profound interaction with the material world so as to transform our lives by affecting change connected to past traumas, injuries and emotional patterns. We can constantly choose to observe our lives in a different way and the old realities collapse with new possibilities materialising instantly in many cases. Physical and emotional conditions can be resolved with the speed of thought.

Matrix Energetics allows the possibility of experiencing our own creative ability in allowing our heart field, connected to our right creative mind and guided by our higher wisdom to attract in whatever is our hearts desire without the left brain with its limited story based on life experience, getting in the way and blocking positive change.

Matrix Energetics is indeed a pathway to transformation and introduction to the matrix field can happen in a standing up, sitting down or in a laying position on a bed.

According to modern physics all reality can be described as vibrations and waveform patterns, that everything is light and information. The practitioner uses a light touch method to identify the parts of the body where the Matrix Energetics Wave will provide the optimum results and the unconscious mind and the biological physical fields interact.

Disease can be described as a disruption, cessation or distortion in the energy field of the person with the problem. Physical and emotional injuries impair communication at the cellular level so by receiving a more profound connection to the "Matrix Field" the body can respond better to stimuli in its internal and external environments.

Just by observing the information and resonating with it the practitioner facilitates a different resonance or expression of the information which allows change to come in. A more in-depth explanation from Melissa about the field of the heart can be accessed on the Matrix Energetics web-site.

It can sometimes appear magical in its expression but it is based on the laws and expression of subtle energy physics and the concepts and laws of quantum physics, superstring theory and Sheldrake's Morphic Resonance. 

A more in-depth explanatory introduction of the physics involved in Matrix Energetics is also available on the Matrix Energetics web-site:

or by attending a seminar or purchasing Richard and Melissa's books available on-line.

I suggest that you try Matrix Energetics at least once to experience the vibrational shift that takes place. Remember the higher vibrational we are the lighter, brighter and faster we vibrate. The lighter, brighter and faster we vibrate the healthier, happier, joyous and more loving we are.