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                               ADDITIONAL HELP & LINKS

                 "Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take
                   But by the moments that take our breath away"

                                                                              Author Unknown 12th October 2008

Discount web site for British Armed Forces

                                                  Catherine Thomas

At Horizon, we can offer you a range of therapies to suit your specific needs.
Our therapists are all highly skilled, experienced practitioners in their field.
They will listen carefully to your needs and tailor their work with you to provide
an individual, effective service. 
We have a well established group of therapists and an exciting new range of
, including group work and general health based one-to-one consultations.



                   Please contact Lisa on
                        01834 831250
                      For further details

The Reconnection is a process that connects our own individual energy centres (Chakras) and Meridians (energy pathways) within our physical bodies to the invisible energy pathways (Lay Lines) within our planet and from there out into the entire universe.

Long ago, humanity as a whole became Dis-connected from our own energy systems. This disconnected us from our awareness of the interaction of our energy fields or auras with all other life forms, which in turn disconnected us further from the energy of our planet and the energy grid of the entire universe.

This "separation" is locked in the unconsciousness of the human race and is imprinted in our genes. The Re-connection re-unites us with our original sense of profound connection with all life.

It also Re-connects us with the truth of who we really are, which in turn connects us with the true sense of self we have lost and become disconnected from. In a word, DIS-CONNECTION = DIS-ORDER and DIS-EASE and RE-CONNECTION = ORDER and EASE.Our world is changing, time is changing and energy is shifting. The Reconnective frequencies of Healing energy are of a new band width and are brought in via a spectrum of light that has never before been present on earth.

It is through the Reconnection that we are able to interact with these new levels of light and energy and transcend beyond our basic senses and evolve beyond our human limitations. These frequencies are new, different and real.

Anyone and everyone whether healthy or not will benefit from Reconnective Healing. Also, the once in a lifetime experience of being Reconnected especially if you are a Therapist working with physical or energy bodies, will greatly enhance your work.
Read "The Reconnection" by Dr Eric Pearl published by Hayhouse.


  Registered Osteopath -
Eifion Lewis
  Osteopathy - Making Structure Function

  At Wholly Well, Gorseinon, Swansea and Aardvark   
  Wholefoods, Carmarthen.

  By prior appointment only at:

  15 Brynmead Close
  SA2 9EY

  Tel: 01792 203881 





To offer first class tuition at reasonable prices. To keep up-todate with legislation, approvals and accredation.

To seek further accredation if applicable. To work in an enjoyable but professional manner, allowing the student fun while learning.

All Zodiac courses have been inspected by and approved / accredited by external bodies.

The college tutors all have their own private practices keeping up with high standards and the latest techniques.

Contact 01792 512294 / 07786 416324  or alternatively by e-mail at:    


UK Directory of Healers & Therapists

Find Healers, Alternative, Holistic or Complementary Therapists
and Health Practitioners Near You


Spend a day in the company of others who have experienced what you are going through.

Swansea & Gower Cancer Self Help Group
is open to adults (Male & Female) affected by Cancer. Bring a friend or partner along with you.

We are here to help you with;
Positive thinking
Eating healthy food
Determination and faith.

You yourself will start to realise that you can live with Cancer. Twice a month we meet with a team of qualified therapists who volunteer their time to help members cope with the effects of Cancer working alongside orthodox medicine.

We offer;
Support and understanding
Complementary Therapies
Activities- Art/Pottery E.t.c
Time to sort out your feelings
                         "Cancer is no longer a death sentence and
                        that is why the group is there to help people" 

We meet on the 2nd and last Saturday of every month at: Norton Lodge, Norton Avenue, Norton, Swansea.

Our group is always ready to welcome new members, new Therapists who wish to offer their services or anyone who would like to assist on our day in Norton Lodge or by raising funds for the charity.

The Swansea and Gower Cancer Self Help Group is supported by the locally well known Dr Salah el-Shakawi who is our patron.

Dr Salah el Shakawi is a leading Cancer specialist in Wales and the Rev Eldon Phillips is the charity chaplain. 

Please telephone 01792 281111


Seren Retreat

Magical and Serene

If you are looking for a peaceful place to relax, you do not have to go any further than our grounds.

Our 23 acres of land are completely private and include open parkland and wildflower meadows with a meandering river running through 6 acres of ancient oak forest.

You can take a walk through our enchanting woodlands or sit on a bench to read, paint and just enjoy being in nature.

The house is bright, comfortable and inviting. The bedrooms can provide twin beds or ‘super-king’ doubles. Guests are welcome to relax in the spacious 35 foot living room with panoramic views of the countryside. There is also a patio, formal garden and children’s play area for you to enjoy.

We offer a range of residential weekend workshops to stimulate body, mind and spirit. Ask for our schedule of courses in holistic health, yoga, nature studies, crafts and creativity.

Your visit may be enhanced by a range of holistic bodywork therapies by fully qualified practitioners.

A session after a day’s activity will be sure to undo any tensions you may have, and renew your energy for your next adventure.

For further information please contact us:

                                                  Rex & Alaea Beynon 

                  Seren Retreat,
Bryncoch Farm, Gower, Swansea, Wales, SA2 7LB,     

                                              Tel: +44 (0)1792 371421     



There is a Hospital for Complementary / Alternative Therapies that might be of benefit to you, if you or a loved one are suffering with Cancer, please click on to: 

The Bristol Cancer Help Centre is the leading U.K charity which has pioneered and specialises in the Bristol Approach to cancer care.

The Bristol Approach is an holistic approach to cancer care that uses a range of Complementary Therapies and self-help techniques designed to help people deal with the emotional, physical and spiritual impact of a cancer diagnosis.

The Bristol Approach works hand-in-hand with the medical treatment and is underpinned by the science of Psycho-neuro-immunology, which is supported by leading Oncologists.

Courses are led by an experienced multi-disciplinary team of doctors, nurses and therapists for those who require help with their condition and training is available for those working in Complementary Therapies.

A new start for this organisation has begun as it expands, the contact details are:
National Telephone Helpline: 0845 123 23 10 or


There is a Hospital in Bristol that has had success in fighting certain Cancers with Homeopathic skills. A referral can be requested through your G.P and treatment can progress along side your N.H.S conventional treatment, as it is complementary to your Cancer medication.

For more information look at their home page by entering Bristol Homeopathic Hospital in your address bar, Alternatively telephone 0117 97312310117 9731231 or write to  Bristol Homeopathic Hospital,
Cotham Hill,
BS6 6JU.


This well known Cancer charity now has the ability to assist people financially while they or their loved one is suffering with Cancer.

For more details of benefits, help with housing costs, health costs, children's needs, transport expenses, loans and grants or any relative financial questions, please ring 0808 808 0121.

For general enquiries ring 0800 500 800, lines are open 8am-8pm mon-fri and 9am-12pm sat morning. Alternatively you can look at their web-site for more in-depth information about the group at 



Depression Alliance Cymru

Depression Busting, a new weapon in the fight against depression.

Courses and products to help fight depression, supplied by professional health people who have personal experience of depression.

Self-Help Groups run at:

Mind, 1st Floor, 66 St Helens Road, Swansea. Every Wed 7-9pm. 
For details of your local Mind Association and local services
Telephone: 0845 766 0163

The Cross Community Centre, High Street, Pontardawe.
Every other Tuesday 12.30-2.30pm. Contact Jacqui 029 20692891

There are other groups throughout Wales Inc: Bridgend, Carmarthen, Ystradgynlais, Cardiff etc, Please contact DACymru head office below for more details. 

This is a charity, DACymru, 11 Plas Melin, Westbourne Road, Whitchurch, Cardiff, CF14 2BT.  Tel: 029 20692891 or 0845 1232320


Anxiety Care Helpline 0208 478 3400 Monday and Wednesdays 10am-3pm or visit   


Sudden Death Support Association
This is an organisation to help relatives and close friends of people who die suddenly. SDSA is an organisation run by people who have experienced a sudden and tragic loss and would like to help you in your time of need.

Telephone: 01189 889797 or write to SDSA, Dolphin House, Part Lane, Swallowfield, Reading, Berkshire, RG7 1TB.


Compassionate Friends
Supporting Bereaved Parents
Telephone: 0117 953 9639


Telephone: 0345 909090


The Alzheimer's Society
The Alzheimer's Society runs a helpline, offering information and support for anyone who has concerns about Alzheimer's disease.

The number to ring is 0845 3000336, the helpline is open from 08.30am to 6.30pm Monday to Friday. 


For advice and support while you are working through bereavement. 
Telephone: 020 8939 0530 for details of your local branch.


Helping children cope with bereavement



Bipolar Education Programme Cymru

029 2068 8399


National Centre for Mental Health

029 2068 8401


Independent Funeral Director
Phillip Davies, 936 Carmarthen Road, Fforestfach, Swansea, SA5 4AB.
For Dignity and Excellence, 24 Hour Personal Service, Telephone 01792 58192


God is beyond words, pure, conscious, all encompassing Love. God is beyond gender and yet it includes Divine Masculine and Devine Feminine.

Thus do we invite you to use whatever word is comfortable to you, as you read or listen to these Messages. Know that we honour all words for God. We also embrace all who have embodied God's Love perfectly on Earth.


Jonathan Cainer is a world class astrologer and his predictions are extremely accurate.

Obtain a free daily reading on his web site or receive a 5 star service with a reading based on your personal time and place of birth for a small monthly fee.



'At Cygnus Books we publish a free monthly magazine, Cygnus Review, which is written with love to guide, uplift and inspire you.
We select the best mind body spirit books and make them available to you at reduced prices, so you can feed your soul.... without burning a hole in your pocket!' 


Interesting Web-Sites for Good Causes


Helpful Numbers

Alcohol Drinkline                                        0800 917 8282
Alcoholics Anonymous                                          0845 769 7555
Bereavement ( Child Death Helpline )                               0800 282 986  
Cruse Bereavement                                      0870 167 1677
Carers Line                                                      0808 808 7777
Childline                                                                          0800 1111
                                       0800 555 111
Consumer Advice                                                08454 040506
Disability Helpline                                                          01302 310123
Drugs Helpline                                             0800 776600
NSPCC                                                              0808 100 2524
Samaritans                                                                      08457 909090
Legal Service                                            0845 3454 345
Money and Debt                                                 0808 808 4000
NHS Direct
                                                                     0845 4647
Gamcare (Gambling)                                    0845 600 0133
Lesbian & Gay Switchboard
                               020 7837 7324
Swansea Bay Lesbian & Bisexual                                         01792 539821
Victim Support
                                          0845 3030 900
Relate                                                              01267 236737
Swansea Womens Centre
                                              01792 411119
Swansea Incest Helpline                              01792 648805
West Glam Council for Alcohol/Drug Abuse
         01639 890863
Womens Aid                                                                   01792 644683
Cancer Info & Support Services
                  01792 655025
Terence Higgins Trust                                          01792 477540
Psychosexual & Sexual Issues Therapy
                           01792 424317   
Tai Hafan Women & Children Support             01267 225555
Wales Domestic Abuse Helpline                         0808 8010 800

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