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This is where you'll find me

If you are coming up Walter Road from Swansea city centre, keep heading towards the Uplands area, past the George Pub until you see "Asclepius Therapy Centre" next door to the Munch Box cafe.

If you are coming down from the Uplands, please look for the Munch Box cafe on the right hand side of the road a couple of hundred yards from the zebra crossing after passing the St James Park area.

Asclepius Therapy Centre is to the left hand side of the cafe and I am on the second floor, please wait in the waiting / kitchen area on the first floor until called as I might still be helping someone.

Please be aware that there are three flights of stairs up to my therapy room should you have mobility problems. I apologise if this is the case, please ask me for other alternative ways that i can help you.

The main road only has one hour parking so please allow extra time to find a longer time parking space in one of the side streets near-by. Thank you.

Contact Details:

E Mail:


Telephone:  07974 709164
(please leave a message if i am with someone, i will ring you back asap)


If you would like to download my APP to your mobile, I Pad etc.
Please use the following link:

Payments for remote and Skype sessions can be paid either directly into my business account or via PayPal using the following link through your PayPal account.

Please note: there is an additional charge for international payments into my business account.
There is also additional charges of 2.9% + 30p for payment through PayPal as well as possible additional charges for international payments. The correct amount must be agreed before payment is made.

Important notice:
There is no problem with rearranging or cancelling an appointment if necessary.
However, due to demand for appointments and to prevent loss of income if a client does not turn up for the appointment as agreed or if the appointment is cancelled without giving at least 24 hours prior notice, then the appointment will still have to be paid for in full.