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                                                Spiritual Attunement

What is involved .......

Including Spiritual Enhancement within the session, these Energy sessions will also bring in higher vibrational Energies to give the client new possibilities in their healing technique.

The clients ability to already channel Healing Energy can be improved, as the client experiences higher frequencies and learns to embrace the higher level of consciousness, allowing their abilities to flow more easily.

This additional service I am offering is especially beneficial to those who desire to improve their healing abilities but is of benefit to anyone who wishes to raise their energy vibration.

Why use Spiritual Attunement.

If you are someone who has recognised the ability to channel Healing Energy or if you have any spiritual ability for that matter (Irrespective of what discipline of ability you feel you belong to) and you wish to improve your experience, this therapy will help improve your abilities further.

As beings of Light Energy, (Light Energy being Love in motion), we are allowing through the right intention, motivation and desire, the Loving Energies from Source through our energy system to benefit others in our own unique way.

Our own energy system filters the energy flowing through us to the receiver. If we have negative issues (which everyone has, to some extent); these issues reduce the vibrational quality of the energy we are channelling.

The clearer our own energy system is the higher we vibrate, the higher we vibrate, the happier we feel and thus we are also able to channel higher vibrational energy from Source, more comfortably. 

The higher the vibration of healing energy from Source that can be channelled through us, the more benefit we are to others.

We attract like vibration, so when you first start healing work for instance, you tend to attract like vibration and attract those seeking help who have similar issues to yourself, whether you are aware of your own issues, or not.

In helping others we are helping ourselves (what we give, we receive) but our motivation must be to help the person in front of us unconditionally, not for our own personal gain. What we channel from Source for someone out of genuine care for that person's well-being, will also benefit us in some way.

As we cleanse our own energy system, the ability to benefit others becomes easier because there is less resistance to those higher energy vibrations that once caused us difficulty. As our issues diminish over time, we stop attracting people with like issues and we just heal effortlessly anyone who is brought to us by Source.

There are much higher frequencies available to us now simce the shift in consciousness at the end of 2012 and most of us are having clearances of our energy centres as we go about our day to day lives. These higher frequencies are Loving Energy; if we have issues then these frequencies can be uncomfortable because we interpret them as something other than Love.

Spiritual Attunement helps by dissolving the negativity in the client's energy system. As the client lets go of the old thought forms (negativity), the ability to open more to higher frequencies without discomfort is possible, thus the client feels more peaceful, relaxed, happy and Loving and there is an improvement in the clients spiritual abilities, as they become clearer filters for Source energy.  

A two hour consultation session is required to discuss the client's wishes, create a plan of action and for both parties to feel comfortable with each other. Three further 75 minute sessions are recommended for lasting benefit.  

Whilst this Therapy is beneficial for those who are learning or practising Healing Therapies, anyone who wishes to raise their vibration will benefit from this service. 

"The higher our energy vibrates

     the more Loving we are 

     the more joyfull we feel"

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